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Email/TNPP Gateway - Email Sender - SNPP Client - TNPP Client - Dongle drivers

Comm 1 Messenger

Overview and Screenshots:

This .PDF file gives a good overview of the software and shows some screenshots of the Comm 1 Messenger and the Data Admin applications. The Comm 1 Messenger is a new Windows software application which allows sending messages to mobile phones (SMS text), pagers, and ordinary email addresses.   PDF file: Comm1Msgr.pdf

Download Links:   (for Comm 1 Messenger software)

  Instructions: (Please Read!)   GatewayInstall.rtf

  Server installation:   GatewaySetupV4.exe

  End-user (workstation) installation:   setup_Comm1Msgr.exe

To install the Comm 1 Messenger software, use the above 3 links, making sure to read the instructions. The 'Server installation' should be installed on your server; it installs the required server applications and the database. The 'End-user workstation' file installs the Comm 1 Messenger, which is the actual client application used to send messages. The software will run in a Demo mode until properly licensed.


Email/TNPP Gateway

Email/TNPP Gateway - Version: 3.06 (update)
This Update is only the executable file (.exe) for the Email/TNPP Gateway. It is NOT the full installation version. You can only install this update if you have already installed the Email/TNPP Gateway software on your system. This update works for demo purposes OR if you have an old parallel port dongle. (if you have a USB dongle, please contact Comm One for updates)

Download file:


Email/TNPP Gateway - Version: 2.40 (full installation)
Description: This is the full installation version of the Email/TNPP Gateway. This is the real software, but it runs in a limited 'demo' mode until properly licensed. After first installing this, you can update to the more recent version using the above update link.
NOTE: This installation file will only run on 32-bit operating systems. If you need 64-bit, you will likely need the v4 Gateway software. Please contact Comm One.

Download file:


Email/TNPP Gateway - (configuration manual)

Download file: gateway.doc

Format: Microsoft Word file (.DOC)


Email Sender (for v2 and v3 Gateway)

The Email Sender application runs in conjunction with the Email/TNPP Gateway as a seperate executable program (.EXE). The Email Sender is used to forward email from the Gateway to other (external) email addresses.

Version: 1.18
Download file:

Version: 1.52
Download file:
This is a newer version, which can authenticate to the mail server with user/password.

NOTE: There is a new special version of the Email Sender that can send messages via true SMS text messaging, using the 'SMS Notify' service available at Its faster and much more reliable than using 'email to text'. Contact Comm One for more information on this upgrade.


SNPP Client

SNPP Client - Version: 2.08
Our free Windows SNPP Client allows anyone on the Internet to quickly send a page to an Email/TNPP Gateway or any SNPP server. This SNPP Client lets you maintain your own personal list of names and pager numbers, as well as 8 pre-configured text messages.

Download file: setup_SnppClient_v208.exe


SNPP Client - Version: 3.54 DEMO
This is a DEMO version of the v3 SNPP Client software, which includes: Multiple snpp services/ip addresses, Groups of contacts, and Logging of sent messages. (Other options: user/password for snpp server login, option to send encrypted messages to server. Contact Comm One for info.)

Download file: setup_SnppClient_v354.exe

In order to use the SNPP Client, you must know the IP address or Internet host name of your paging provider's snpp server. Comm One is not a paging provider and does not run a server for you to send pages to; you must obtain that information from your paging service provider.


TNPP Internet Client

The Windows TNPP Internet Client allows you to connect a remote paging terminal to an Email/TNPP Gateway through the Internet. The Tnpp Client opens up a serial port on the host machine for tnpp communications; it also connects and logs into a Gateway via internet/ip network to form a 2-way tnpp communications link. Backup dialup over modem is also included.

Version: 3.08
Download file:

Version: 2.39
Download file:
This is an older version, in case you have issues running the newer one (unlikely).


TNPP Internet Client - (User's manual)

Download file: tnpp_cl.doc

Format: Microsoft Word file (.DOC)


Web Page Interface (OLD)

Version: 2.01
This is the old web page interface for sending a message to the Gateway. It is a cgi executable, and will only work with a Windows web server. It is provided "as-is" and no tech support is currently available for this. It sends the message to the Gateway via snpp protocol.
Download file:


Description: Template HTML file for Web page interface. You modify this file to suit your own needs, including your company name, logo, images, etc.
Download file:


Description: Readme file for the Web Page Interface setup.
Download file:


Legacy Driver for black PARALLEL PORT dongle

This is the legacy driver download page for the black parallel port dongle, made by Dallas Semiconductors. Click on the provided link, then download the first selection: "Download Version 4.00...".

For Download page: Click here


Driver for blue USB dongle

This is the driver download page for the blue USB dongle, made by Dallas Semiconductors.

For Download page: Click here


Driver for green Keylok USB dongle

This is the driver installation for the green Keylok USB dongle. Click on the provided link, then download the file: Install.exe

For Download page: Click here


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