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Email / TNPP Gateway TAP Ports

Our Email/TNPP Gateway is an Internet communications software application designed for paging companies. This product brings the best of the Internet to your paging network by supporting: Email paging, Web paging, SNPP, and TNPP over the Internet. This software application acts as a 'gateway' between your paging network and the Internet; it has been Comm One's best selling application since 1999.

Our TAP Ports software provides from 2 to 64 ports (serial ports/modems) for receiving TAP alphanumeric page requests. Output format is TNPP ID page, to a local serial port or over IP to an Email/Tnpp Gateway. This software lets you add multiple ports of TAP connectivity without adding any additional hardware or cards to your paging terminal. Contact Comm One for more information.

Snpp Client NEW Comm 1 Messenger

The SNPP Client is an easy-to-use Windows application that allows the user to send messages to a paging carrier via Internet, using the SNPP protocol. Once downloaded to the user's PC, the application allows the sender to simply click on a name in their personal contact list, type a message, and click SEND. We have several versions of the Snpp Client available, including both stand-alone and networked (central database) versions.

The Comm 1 Messenger is an easy-to-use Windows application that allows sending messages to smartphones (SMS text), as well as to pagers and email addresses. Features include a centrally-maintained database, a password-protected Data Admin application, and the ability to create groups of contacts. This software is well suited for hospitals or other organizations that want to allow users on their network to message a controlled list of contacts.


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