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Our customers say it best...


"Thanks for the help, your product is great."

Tim Brandt, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


"As a nationwide satellite uplink provider, we needed a flexible product to network our customers. The Comm One TNPP software provides AvData Systems the most networking flexibility compared to any other router we've used. This product was made for us."

Chuck Alo, AvData Systems (ITC Deltacom)


"The product is great and all of the modifications you are willing to make enable us to keep our core customers happy, which is really important at this stage of the game...Thanks for the continued support."

Stephan Suker, CVC Paging


"Many thanks for your GREAT support of this very fine product. If you ever need me to provide a reference, words of praise, etc. I would be GLAD to do it. Thanks again."

Gray Fulk, Vanguard Communications


"The VM2000 box is running flawlessly! The Email/TNPP Gateways are having zero issues, and we are just plain happy over here! "

Chris Hoffman, Better Beep


"I gotta tell you, the SNPP Client is **EXCELLENT**."..."I've been working as an engineer in paging since 1992, and never have I come across someone as attentive, able to contact, and knowledgeable about their product as you and your company. You've been most helpful. Truth be known, you probably saved me from closing the doors altogether."

Dennis White, Multi-com


"I just wanted to take a minute to say, thanks a lot for the "very quick fix" to the SNPP server issue uncovered this week. It worked the first time. This is not the first time you have responded quickly to our needs and issues, it's appearing to be a continuing effort.... We are working with a very high profile ambulance company in connecting CAD systems into our paging network using SNPP. We are "very" impressed with Comm One interest in customer satisfaction and support of products. I hope this process results in refinement and improvement of your Gateway product as well. It makes my day :-) to work with Comm One."

Art Trout, Cook Telecom, Inc.


"Our current version is still running without a single glitch since the day I installed it! Thanks again for the great software!"

Patrick Hood, Heartland Communications


"I have been using the Comm One Email/TNPP Gateway in conjunction with our own tnpp routers for several months now. This has allowed us to offer a variety of other ways for our customers and other carriers to interconnect directly with our paging network over the Internet. It is very easy to use, and I have been pleased with its performance."

John Baughman, PNI Technologies


"I love this new terminal. It has been working perfectly. USEC plant did their testing last week and had 100% success. They said that is the first time in history that has happened. They used to be with Arch and said about 70% was the best they got through them. And they used Glenayre terminals.."

Russell Thompson, Wood Communications


"The Comm One Email/TNPP Gateway software gives us the ability to provide terminal access to corporate customers who have a large number of computers with Internet access, but no modem capabilities. This, added with the flexibility of routing TNPP packets over the Internet and a high level of technical support, makes this product an ideal paging solution."

Jim Sheldon, Texas Communications


"We have been running our revenue-generating messaging traffic through the TNPP system built by Comm One since July of '98 with no anomalies. This solution has resulted in the simplification of our network routing, while providing redundancy and simplified traffic analysis / filtering."

John Estel, Pagenet (Arch)


"Using Comm Ones VM2000 paging terminal software and readily available off-the-shelf computer hardware, I have a paging terminal that is equal to or better than those offered by the large manufacturers and at a fraction of the cost. Better still, since it uses standard computer hardware, I can easily keep spare parts and backup equipment. I have been using the VM2000 and the Email/TNPP Gateway since early 2000. I find both of these to be excellent and stable products and assets to my paging business."

Douglas Barker, Barker Communications


"They (the competition) sent me their package and gave me their sales talk, and when I asked them why the Comm One system did more and cost less, he went into a stuttering fit that I didn't think he was going to recover from."

Paul Flickinger, Pro-Com, Inc.


"Just wanted to let you know that the T1 was finally installed and our system is up and running. My hat is off to you for designing such a great product !!!"

Mike Motes, Advanced Communications of Rome


"...The product performs as advertised and the tech support is as good as it gets."

Bill Sneller, Paging Tulsa


"Comm One products fill the gap for solutions-based messaging products. Managing small resellers to nationwide carrier traffic is a snap with Comm One. We process more than 500,000 messages per day for small companies seeking access to PageMart, Metrocall, the TAPS network, the MAPS network, Teletouch, and Mobilecom."

James Taylor, Metrotel


"We've been using the Comm One Email Gateway with our paging terminal for about 3 months; our customer feedback has been very positive. Thanks for the extra options you've added to the software after we requested them."

Eduardo Villarreal, Omni Electronics


"Our terminals generate one packet per page. The re-assembly into 4K packets has allowed us to utilize full-acknowledgment TNPP over our VSAT without any slowdown of data. Calling most vendors these days with a product change request gets you an answer stating that the machine does not do that. A call to Comm One usually gets you an answer of 'We can do that' "

Jim Shimmin, BestComm


"Finding a company and product like Comm One and its TNPP software is indeed a pleasure. Need to set up a TNPP network quickly, need an inexpensive alternative to leased lines, need a backup method for your leased lines? Ever wish your customers had a way to send alpha pages that required little or no support from you? Get the Email/TNPP Gateway from Comm One! It will save you time, money, and please your customers; what more could you want?"

Howard Smock, DigiPage


"MPW Paging is a medium sized paging carrier serving North Georgia with terminals in four cities. Phone lines were eating us up so we went to satellite. Satellite began giving us problems so we went looking for a net-based system and came across Comm One LLC. So we tried the Email/TNPP Gateway software, and were glad we did. Not only does it work, it worked from the beginning. Comm One has been more than obliging in making improvements that make the system work for us. I have been using the Gateway for over two months now and have had no failures. It works damn well."

Tim Jones, MPW Paging


"Thanks again for your great support!"

Dan Strickland, SNAP Technical Committee


"Thank you. Your service is what is going to make you!"

John Marsee, Cumberland Mt. Paging


"SoutherNet has always been able to offer unlimited coverage because we were among the first to implement TNPP over a two-way satellite. After that we figured out that there was a way of doing it over the Internet at a much cheaper rate. We now have thirty-six members who are connected either via the Internet or two-way satellite. I use a custom software program created by a company called Comm One. The program provides TNPP filtering, so we can filter out certain source codes that we dont want. Its really neat software, and lets you unload the TNPP card by only allowing through what you want and trashcanning the rest. It also helps manage the processor speed on the 2200 Series paging terminal a little better."

Tom Mosely, Commtronix


"Thanks for writing this package (Email/TNPP Gateway) as it has saved us $500/month since buying it."

Ed Tipler, Tortoise Paging


"We have been using your TNPP Gateway for a few months now. Overall we are pleased with your product."

Tom Jackson, Northeast Paging

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