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Why choose Comm One over the competition?


We're certainly not the biggest company out there in terms of employees, advertising budgets, international name recognition, or fancy trade show exhibitions. But we just might be the best if you count product quality, price, support, personal attention, responsiveness, and a desire to make our software work for you.

Ours is high-quality "mission critical" software that you can depend on, just as your customers depend on you. Download an application now for testing and see for yourself.

Our prices are very competitive, often coming in way below the competition. You're just paying for great software and support, not big-company bureaucracy and proprietary hardware solutions.

Open Architecture
No proprietary/expensive/hard-to-get parts here. You can always go down to your local computer store for backup hard drives, NIC cards, etc. Or build a fully redundant backup system thats ready to go if your main PC fails.

Knowledgeable, helpful, tech support ready to answer your questions and offer you personal attention via phone or email. And, of course, no extra charges for support like some companies; its part of the package.

We receive quite a few special requests to customize our software to make it work for a special application. We have quite a track record here, often getting the modification out to the customer within a day or so. Its clear we want our software to work for you.

Free updates
As our software is updated with new features/improvements, you will be notified via email. You can then simply download the single file update from our web site and unzip it.


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